DUMBO Gallery Tours

Life Down Under the Manhattan Bridge is about lifestyle, history and family. Until the 1890’s, this neighborhood was known as Fulton Ferry named after the steamboats and ferry stop that connected Brooklyn to Manhattan. You can still see remnants of its old manufacturing history. Cobblestones pierce through concrete streets. Old factory buildings still stand and trolley tracks can be seen.
The area has emerged as one of New York City’s premier arts districts, with a mix of for-profit and non-profit art galleries, eclectic shops and cozy restaurants. Hear the loud clangs of the subways crossing the Manhattan Bridge and stand in awe of the famous Brooklyn Bridge.
  • See spectacular waterfront views
  • Walk through the neighborhood in between two landmark bridges
  • Visit multiple galleries and see contemporary, emerging, paper and street art
  • Talk with artists and gallerists
  • Enjoy a glimpse of old New York
  • Enjoy a professional guide with an experienced curator

Departure Point: Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street, between Water and Front Streets

Departure Time: 12:00 p.m.

Return Details: Concludes two hours after departure
Look forward to seeing  these galleries
AIR Gallery
A.I.R. (Artists in Residence) Gallery was founded in 1972 as the first artist run gallery for women in the United States. A.I.R. provides a professional and permanent exhibition space for women artists to present work of quality and diversity. A.I.R. is an artist directed and maintained gallery, providing a sense of community for women and serving as a model for alternative galleries and organizations. Through lectures, symposia and a Fellowship Program for emerging women artists, A.I.R. Gallery sustains a political awareness and voice, and brings new understanding to attitudes about women in the arts.
Bose Pacia
Established in 1994, Bose Pacia was the first gallery in the West specializing exclusively in contemporary South Asian art. Over the past decade, Bose Pacia has held over 60 exhibitions and is internationally regarded for promoting the South Asian avant-garde. The gallery fosters an active discourse between contemporary South Asian artists and the international art community by featuring exhibitions that contextualize contemporary art from this geographic region within its rich artist traditions and current social tensions.
Kunsthalle Galapagos
Kunsthalle Galapagos is a new art space, dedicated to offering artists a unique opportunity to produce high-caliber, large-scale installation work free from commercial concerns.
Please email westharlemartfund12@gmail.com for a private art tour.

Group sales tickets are available on www.viator.com under New York Neighborhood Contemporary Art Tour.


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